XPRAG Workshop

Bridging Theory and Practice

Friday November 10th, 2023 from 3pm – 5pm EST (12pm PST, 8pm GMT)

Online workshop organized by the American Pragmatics Association Graduate Student Council

Registration is free but required.

Mira Ariel, University of Tel Aviv

Anna Papafragou, University of Pennsylvania

Pragmatic theoreticians are becoming increasingly aware of the need for experimental evidence to back up their theories. However, the gap between theory and experimental practice remains large. Both for theoreticians and experimentalists, digesting pragmatic theory and developing concrete testable hypotheses is no easy task.

This workshop is intended to help bridge the gap by fostering dialogue between these two perspectives. We will hear from both a theoretician (Dr. Mira Ariel) and an experimentalist (Dr. Anna Papafragou) about the process of turning pragmatic theories into testable hypotheses and operationalizing pragmatic constructs. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions about their own research roadblock during the panel discussion, or presubmit their questions to be asked by the organizers. This workshop is intended primarily for graduate students and early career researchers, but it is open to any interested.