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Membership fees are due on the January 1st of each even year (e.g., January 1, 2022) and membership is valid for a 24-month period, ending December 31st of the following odd year (e.g., December 31st, 2023). 

Please note: No pro-rating of membership fees is possible for late enrollment during any 2-year enrollment period.


Current membership fees: 

  1. Non-students from the US, Canada, and countries other than those listed in 2 below: US $ 40.00.
  2. Non-students from countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean: US $ 30.00
  3. Students: US $ 15.00
  4. Publishers and institutional members: US $ 200.00

Benefits of membership...

Member contributions help AMPRA to reach its goal of facilitating the coordination of scientific events, such as conferences, workshops, and summer institutes.

Members have an opportunity to participate in AMPRA initiatives, such as the development of online resources for promoting pragmatics research in the Americas.

Graduate student members are eligible for election to the Graduate Student Council.

Graduate Student Council members are involved in the planning and organization of off-year AMPRA activities.

Conference presentations require AMPRA membership, so being a member ensures you can participate in our biennial conferences.

Institutional and publisher members can list their language-related programs and/or titles on the AMPRA website and have their sponsorship acknowledged on our About Us page.