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A contribution to the American Pragmatics Association will be used to promote, in an America-wide context (comprising the countries of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean) with their outlying territories and possessions), activities and exchanges in all fields of pragmatics.

With your donations, AMPRA supports interaction and scholarly debate among researchers, instructors, and students representing different subfields of pragmatics, with particular regard to the linguistic, cognitive, social, inter-cultural and inter-language paradigms. AMPRA is a non-profit association.

AMPRA makes a special effort to cross disciplinary boundaries. It aims to be a forum for researchers who are looking for new tools and methods in the investigation of human language and communication, in order to thereby better understand the role of pragmatic competence in language acquisition and development as well as in the process of communication.

Your voluntary contributions help the AMPRA reach its goals of:

  • Stimulating activities in the scientific and academic communities;
  • Facilitating the coordination of scientific events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops, summer institutes, etc.);
  • Encouraging the dissemination of knowledge and information (through summer institutes, regular newsletters and journals, websites, etc);
  • Supporting the publication and the dissemination of scientific works;
  • Promoting the diversity of topics researched and languages studied;
  • Facilitating scientific exchange and cooperation with other similar, national or international organizations;
  • Stimulating, and collaborating with, local, regional, and global initiatives in the field of pragmatics;
  • Engaging in any other activities of general interest to the scientific and academic communities.

If you have a specific question or inquiry, please email Prof. Anne Bezuidenhout at anne1@sc.edu.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. István Kecskés
Distinguished Professor of Linguistics and Education
Director of ESL and Graduate Education at SUNY Albany
Editor-in-chief of Intercultural Pragmatics,
Chinese as a Second Language Research (CASLAR) and
Co-Editor of the Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict.


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School of Language and Global Studies (University of Central Lancaster (UCLAN))

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