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The Graduate Student Council (GSC) will serve as a liaison between AMPRA and graduate students in all subfields of pragmatics. The GSC reports to the AMPRA Executive Board and advises the Board on how best to serve and support graduate students and how to address issues of concern to graduate students. The Chair of the GSC serves ex officio as a member of the Executive Board.

GSC Mission

The GSC mission is to promote the professional growth of graduate students within all subfields of pragmatics, including areas of pragmatics using linguistic, cognitive, social, inter-cultural and inter-language paradigms. In order to prepare future professionals, researchers, and teachers in these subfields, the GSC will strive to do the following:

  • Recruit new members and inform students of the benefits of active membership in professional organizations such as AMPRA.
  • Develop and promote events at (or associated with) the biennial AMPRA meetings that are focused on graduate students’ needs and issues.
  • Build a professional network for graduate students, helping them to make connections beyond their individual institutions and beyond academia.

GSC Membership

The GSC is made up of six graduate student members of AMPRA, including the Chair of the GSC. A selection committee approved by the AMPRA Executive Board will appoint members of the GSC.

Terms of Office

All members of the GSC serve two-year terms. Terms begin each year on August 1. GSC members’ terms are staggered: half of the GSC members serve terms beginning in even years and the other half serve terms beginning in odd years.

Term Limits

Any individual may serve a maximum of two terms on the GSC. Partial terms of one year or less will not count toward this two-term limit; partial terms of more than one year will count toward the two-term limit.


To be eligible to serve on the GSC, students must be paid up members of AMPRA and must, at the time of appointment, be a student actively enrolled in a MA or Ph.D. program in a discipline associated with linguistic pragmatics or a related field. GSC members must maintain their AMPRA memberships throughout their terms on the GSC. Once elected or appointed, GSC members may serve out their terms even if their student status changes.


Any student member of AMPRA may nominate any graduate student actively enrolled in a MA or PhD program in a discipline associated with linguistic pragmatics (or a cognate field eligible for AMPRA membership). Self-nomination is welcome and encouraged. Nominees who are not current AMPRA members will be given the opportunity to become members in order to be considered for GSC membership. Nominees will be required to submit a brief CV, a letter from their institution certifying their student status, and a statement of interest to the Selection Committee.

The inaugural AMPRA GSC will begin its work on August 1, 2017.

Three of the initial members will serve a one-year term, from August 1 2017 – July 31, 2018. Three of the initial members will serve the normal two-year term, from August 1 2017 – July 31, 2019. Thereafter, all members will serve two-year terms, with 3 new members added in even years and 3 new members added in odd years.

The seven members of the inaugural GSC are:

Lindy Comstock (UCLA) – Chair 2-year term

Vanessa Elias (Indiana University) 2-year term

Zhiqi Gong (University of Albany) 2-year term 

Mark Hoff (Ohio State University) 1-year term

Ariel Kim (University of Oregon) 1-year term

Mai Takeuchi (Purdue University) 1-year term

Ayşenur Sağdıç (Georgetown University)  1-year term

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